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    Rob Ross

    Nice drill. I find it interesting that we are teaching approach ball from the side only? I teach both a swerve and a straight ball technique. Straight on shot is a very effective ability to strike on a laser straight line or slightly tailing shot and you see it used at all levels but rarely taught as a fundamental. Place two defenders in front of you and try to hit from the side between the two of them. Now try it with a straight on approach. In my opinion, yes this is all only opinion, both techniques, swerve and straight should be taught, especilly for this drill when it makes sense not to bend the attacker run to get a side only approach. FYI, I’ve been coaching soccer for 9 years and have rarely seen articles on the different strikes of the ball. I found the information in a video series from
    I’ve enjoyed the video series and have seen positive results with my teams using the techniques that are taught. I also teach my players to look up and find the open space at the corner of the net and NOT look at the keeper. Many of the balls I see shot on goal go straight to or near the keeper. I think this is due to our amazing ability to see a target and the body will instinctively find that target. If we look at someone, we can throw or kick a ball right to them. Now try to look at them and throw or kick to a nearby target. The brain has been taught to go where you’re looking and it is difficult to un-train your brain. Better to use the amazing ability given to us and create a target in the corner of the net. Look to the corner I say!! Regards,
    Keep up the great work!! Rob


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