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    coach ekundayo shidi

    Ways to improve my coaching on the field & off the field

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    Will Gerstmyer

    The locked ankle I disagree with. A loose fluid ankle is fine and much more natural. It is very apparent in professional players, with an emphasis on the angle of attack (instep to equator of ball) at the moment of striking the ball. Follow-through is also of importance. Note how Drogba violently dips his toe AFTER the impact to get great top-spin when shooting, note how Girard has a slight upturn to his toe after his devastating long balls, note how most keepers have a pronounced upturn of their boot after striking goal kicks. What they all have in common is a direct splitting of the ball down the middle with the bone at the top of their instep (this supplies a vivid “pop” sound; talking about “laces” is OK for some players but way too imprecise for those who “use” their laces but can’t deliver power/distance); splitting the ball down the middle delivers a straight flight. A hair left or right of center will produce an off-target ball or a bending ball. Thanks, Will


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