Drills Competition

“Win $200 of Books and DVDs”

Share your favorite “Defending Drill” and you will be entered to win $200 of books and DVDs.


Here’s How the Competition Works
It’s really simple, email in your favorite DEFENDING small-sided game/drill/exercise. Include any diagrams and explanation text, and that’s it. We will look over all the entries and make a top five list and announce the winner.

The best format to create your drill/exercise is in a Microsoft Word doc or similar, a PDF file, Google doc, etc. and attach to your email

The winner can choose $200 from our selection of over 100 books, 100 DVDs and even our growing selection of eBooks and online videos. We will even cover the cost of shipping.

Please email your entry here and make the Subject line “Defending Competition”.

We will select a winner on April 5.


Fine Print
We will compile all the entries into an eBook and give everyone who enters a copy at no cost. We also will make the eBook available to the general public for sale or as a free bonus.

If you would like to have your name, club, coaching position included in the introduction, you MUST include it in the text of the article. We are not responsible for taking any information from the email body and including it in the article. If you don’t want your name included then simply don’t bother including that information.

If you subscribe to the Member Drills Database, you could even use the new Session Designer to create your drill….


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