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    In my opinion Distin did bed movement. Central defender should be 1 st defender and Distin 2 st defender( support and stay in the defence line) .
    If Distin want be 1 st defender then the midfield should takes his place(support player)

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    Rees Linn

    Thanks for the comment jacklondon. I appreciate the feedback. I think what you’re saying is that the Everton CM (looks like Cahill) should have pressured Song, and that Distin should have held his line. That would have been ideal for Everton, but I don’t think Distin was entirely convinced that Cahill going to be able to close down Song before he was in shooting range. Regardless, my objective was not to point out the defensive mistakes in the example, but rather, to point out that when playing w/ a lone striker, it’s the midfield who draws the backline out of position, and the striker that must recognize the space behind. Feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like to see an additional example or two – I simply used this one because the images were the clearest. Thanks again!

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    roy wiseman

    There should be countless examples considering the pathetic attempts at defending by most of these ‘First Rate ‘ teams. You only have to look at the positions and movement (lack of) of the two fullbacks in this example. I’m only surprised Van Persie hasn’t scored more goals this season.

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    pathetic attempts at defending…totaly agree. This is to easy for players like RVP, defenders should see this room and close it. But as an example for ten years kids it is a good way to learn not to just run straight to the goalline.


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