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    Lorenzo "Shorty" Magaña

    HytOntGAlMy soccer roots begin at 4-5 yrs old playing
    street soccer in a little town “San Jose de Chila”
    Michoacan, Mexico. Growing up the scrimmages
    got bigger, using coke cans as goals, a flat volley
    ball ball, and the 1v1 challenges were popular to
    to proved who was the local youth star player. I
    Played bare foot , without clothes, just wearing my
    underwear, otherwise, my grandfather who care for me and and my brothers punished me with a
    belt for getting my clothes dirty and ripping off my
    “Guaraches” leather shoes. A few years later ended
    in central California in 1981, in 1986 in Central Park
    in Amsterdam U19 Cup in Holland scoring hat tricks
    and unfortunately played my youth developing prime
    without a professional MLS league like we do now
    n the USA. However, the great coaches like
    Bilardo, Johan Crujff , Parreira, and endless list
    of world class players shaped a 30 year training
    and coaching career in youth soccer in California
    capitalizing with system of training called
    “3DMetric Skills System. Very similar in what this
    Interview with Jordi describes. Youth players
    With the ability to play under pressured , hold
    on to the ball, pass in triangle transitions ,
    make individual virtical attacks, and play the ball
    to the supporting over lapping players. Adding
    high pressure in the opponents defensive zone ,
    and being able to keep the ball on the
    defensive zone with the “tiki taka” philosophy.
    To develop the “tiki taka” blue print player and
    the system of play takes years and years of
    pattern drills to blend the individual skill into the
    team skill to attack and defend without losing
    shape, color, speed, control, rhythm , power,
    and skill as a team. Every player is different to
    handle a ball offensively and defensively but
    the geometry of the soccer field and dynamics
    of a round soccer ball in movement is the same
    to changed directions. That’s where a wise,
    experience coasch , finds the magic to replaced
    “tiki taka” players with new youth developing
    “cantera” players. Im foreign, born in Mexico
    , now a US citizen, but master the same
    “Tiki taka” spanish philosophy playing and
    studying a vast number of world class players
    , coaches , but at the same time can reverse the
    reverse the philosophy and counter attack it
    with the player who is not born with the same
    soccer characteristics to play “tiki taka”. Its an
    Interesting twist that i managed to discovered
    by trial and error in a 30 year soccer youth
    developing experience managing different levels
    of players, teams, and leagues.


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