New Style Tactical Analysis Videos

We have a great new video series called Attacking the Barcelona Way. These are new style “Tactical Analysis” videos. You won’t see usual “old school” type footage with players demonstrating drills and exercises. 

These videos go much deeper and include actual real game footage, where the coach analyses the tactics, breaks down movement, sequences, combinations, goals, etc. and then describes training sessions you can do to help train your team to produce the same style of play. Also included is an eBook of all the training sessions covered in the video.

Here is a sample of the video series, Attacking the Barcelona Way.


Coaches have been asking for these tactical analysis type videos for a long time so we hope you like them.   Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.  Thanks.



Mike Saif

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2 responses to “New Style Tactical Analysis Videos”

  1. Derrick says:

    This is outstanding stuff! All of the tactical analysis ebooks should include real-game video footage and analysis. It is much easier to understand and teach from if we’re able to see the actual movements, rather than screenshots and diagrams.

  2. farshad says:

    If training is to be animated and clearly understand it better coaches out.

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